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Stormwater Plumber Darwin

Commercial & Residential Stormwater

When a storm comes through, you need to be prepared to stop the damage caused by heavy rains. Storms can be highly destructive for residential, commercial and agricultural properties.

Water & Waste Plumbing designs, installs and repairs stormwater systems to collect stormwater and divert it away from critical areas of the property. We do this with stormwater pit installations, stormwater channel grates and guttering.


Stormwater Pits & Channel Grates

In a garden or lawn, stormwater pit installations are a good way to collect and drain water overflow during a storm. A stormwater pit sits under the ground with either a plastic base or concrete base and a steel grate or plastic grate on top for water collection. There is also a stormwater pipe or opening at the bottom to drain the water to another location. Stormwater pits come in a variety of sizes and can be used as junction pits.
Channel grates or trench grates collect water at all points in the channel and divert it to a specific drain location where it connects to the stormwater pipes. Both measures are effective at collecting and relocating water away from occupied areas where it may flood or create water damage.
We can design, install, clean or repair both stormwater pits and channel grates. Both can be designed to fit in with the look of your lawn while still functioning as intended. Get in touch with our team to plan your guttering work.


The stormwater pit is the first step in stormwater management. It collects stormwater from paved surfaces and diverts it into storm drains or through other surface water drainage infrastructure to be treated, absorbed or released into the environment. We can design stormwater pits for residential properties, industrial sites and commercial buildings. Get in touch with our team for storm grate installation services. Without a stormwater pit installed to cope with heavy rainfalls or higher volumes of stormwater runoff, overland flow will enter buildings carrying sediment, oil and grease deposits and other pollutants entering your buildings and homes.


Agricultural Drains

Agricultural drains are instrumental in maintaining the right moisture levels below ground. We can help you design an optimal agricultural drainage system underneath your fields, installing all the components. For existing systems, we provide repairs and maintenance services.

Mitigation Plumbing

When stormwater is already a problem and has caused flooding, mitigation plumbing is used to remove floodwaters and dry up an area. We will consult with you to design a mitigation plumbing system that helps you clear away any floodwaters. Our systems also divert the floodwaters from areas of your property where they may cause severe damage.

For the best protection against storm waters, consult with Water & Waste Plumbing in Darwin. We provide a free consultation and quote for plumbing projects.


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