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Water LEAK DETECTION Services - Water And Waste Plumbing

Water Leaks

What Causes Leaks?

Water leaks, no matter how small, are a plumbing emergency everyone can do without. They can be costly to your pocket and cause damage to your home. If any leaks occur on your property, the issue should be dealt with as swiftly as possible. Call our leak detection experts today!


Signs to look for:

  • Large Water Bill or notice from utility’s company.

  • Water pools or dampness where there shouldn’t or isn’t usually.

  • Meter turning over while no fittings on.

  • Low water pressure

  • Discoloured water.

If you notice any of these issues or suspect you have a leak, call Water And Waste Plumbing Darwin and our leak detection experts will find and fix your leak ASAP!

Burst pipes are arguably the most serious plumbing problem. They can cause widespread damage to surrounding structures like walls, flooring and ceilings. This damage, plus water wastage and an increase in water usage, only ends up costing you more. This is why you need professional leak detection services.


Some causes of burst or leaking pipes are:


  • Rusted Pipes.

  • Blocked Pipes and Drains.

  • Tree Roots.

  • Old or Worn Plumbing Fixtures.

  • Corroded Pipes.

  • Crushed Pipes.

  • Split Pipes.

  • Punctured Pipes.

What Pipes Can We Repair?

Copper Pipes

Polyethylene Pipe

Until about 15 years ago, copper was the most commonly used material for piping in new homes. These days, it’s very expensive compared to other options and it does corrode more than many people have been led to believe, especially when used for hot water. Despite this, copper piping is still a very reliable material when used for cold water and gas, and is the preferred replacement material for plumbers.
If you have a leaking or burst copper pipe, you need to have it looked at as quickly as possible. Contact Water And Waste Plumbing Darwin and we’ll be able to send one of our expert leak detection plumbers out to you in no time. We stock most sizes of copper piping, so we should be able to do all work without having to fetch materials.

Polyethylene pipe is usually found outside to carry water either away from or to a house or apartment block. Although it is very flexible, highly resistant to weather and UV rays and very versatile, it can still leak or burst. Ground movements pulling fittings apart, incorrect installation and people accidentally damaging it while gardening or excavating can lead to leaking or burst polyethylene pipe. This needs to be repaired by a fully qualified professional at Water And Waste Plumbing Darwin.

PVC Pipes

Is your plastic sewer pipe leaking? What about your plastic water pipe? It’s very common to see leaks and bursts with these kinds of rigid plastic pipes. Breakages can easily result from any movement in the ground or inside the house, weakening from UV light or accidental knocks. Water And Waste Plumbing Darwin has you covered for all leaking or burst plastic piping. We’re able to repair or replace any section of plastic pipe that causes you grief, and can even change your entire system over to a better, more durable piping material.

Leak Detection Made Easy

Water And Waste Plumbing Darwin uses leak detection technology such as Ultrasonic detectors, Cameras and Acoustical elements in order to pinpoint problems within the pipe. We also make use of thermal technology to find leaks in walls and slabs.
CCTV cameras, vapour sensors and fibre-optic cables are used to figure out problems outside the pipe. All of which are a very non-invasive process meaning less damages and less costs.

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