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ZIP Hydrotaps

Zip HydroTap Touch Free Wave

Zip HydroTap G5

ZIP Hydrotaps: Reviews

Enjoy pure-tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water flowing from the simplest of touches with the Zip HydroTap G5.
With sleek design and slick function powered by our most advanced technology, the HydroTap G5 has more personalised settings and features SteriTouch® for enhanced hygiene. It’s not just water, it’s water at its best.

The next generation of drinking water technology

ZIP Hydrotaps: Reviews

Create a safer workplace

With an increased consideration around hygiene in the workplace, Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave provides a 100% touch-free solution for staff to access instant drinking water.

Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave is reliable to use in the workplace- offices, hospitals, schools, or government institutions.

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Award Winning Design

Good Design Award Winner

Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave received a prestigious Good Design Award accolade in the 2021 Product Design Domestic Appliances category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation.

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Pure Refreshment In An Instant


Designed with the perfect balance of superior quality and outstanding convenience, you will find yourself drinking more.  With Zip HydroTap, choose instantly boiling, chilled and sparkling water at the press of a button, all from the one beautifully designed system.

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Say hello to the new touch-pad on Classic Plus & Elite Plus


With simple, intuitive controls including continuous flow to fill bottles and coming in seven ultra-modern finishes, HydroTap Classic Plus & Elite Plus offer instant hydration and convenience to any kitchen.
Zip HydroTap G5 has SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection impregnated within key water surfaces as well as on the new touch-pad for enhanced hygiene.

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Simple Hand Waves


Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave uses smart infrared sensing technology to trigger the system to instantly dispense water.
With a simple wave of a hand, access contactless delivery of filtered drinking water.
Features a twin sensor activation to dispense boiling water safely and deactivates when the tap is touched or grabbed, to allow for safe cleaning.

ZIP Hydrotaps: Projects

Introducing The Newest Tap Designs

Form meets function with the sophisticated and innovative HydroTap Classic Plus and Elite Plus- offering boiling, chilled or sparkling water, or all three in any combination.

Explore our range

HydroTap Classic Plus

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HydroTap Elite Plus

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Award Winning Design With HydroTap Classic Plus

Good Design Award Winner

Zip HydroTap Classic Plus received a prestigious Good Design Award accolade in the 2021 Product Design Domestic Appliances category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation. HydroTap Classic Plus presents a beautiful, more intuitive redesign of the company's flagship product – the HydroTap.

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Powered By New G5 Technology


Leading the way in performance and functionality, Zip’s fifth generation G5 technology continues to deliver the convenience you would expect from a HydroTap.
Zip HydroTap's superior filtration and compact, efficient design makes it the perfect water solution for any home or workspace.

ZIP Hydrotaps: Services

Zip MicroPurity Filtration Delivers Pure Tasting Water


Zip HydroTap uses the latest filtration technology for pure- tasting water. Zip filters are certified to reduce bacteria, sediment, odours to NSF 42 (aesthetic effect) and NSF 53 (health effects). With a Zip 0.2 micron size 1 filter, HydroTap offers the highest quality drinking water.

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Enjoy Water Any Way You Want It

Water Options

Continue to enjoy pure tasting instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water, as well as unfiltered hot and cold.
Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave is available in multiple water combinations.

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ZIP Hydrotaps: Projects


ZIP Hydrotaps: Projects

Styles To Suit Any Kitchen


Don’t sacrifice aesthetics for function. Zip HydroTap offers both style and substance when it comes to drinking water systems. From decluttering your kitchen to keeping employees hydrated, there’s a HydroTap to meet your needs. With the widest range of designs and configurations available, you can customise your HydroTap to suit any workplace, care-space or home kitchen.

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With the elegant curve of a swan’s neck, the Zip HydroTap Arc will complement any kitchen or office space—and the crystal clear water will complement your wellbeing.

Now Available In Matte Black


Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave is now available in two-tone Matte Black.
Choose from classic chrome or stylish matte black, both have been designed to fit seamlessly in a wide range of kitchen designs, from contemporary to traditional, perfect for any workplace.

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ZIP Hydrotaps: About
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Say Goodbye To Plastic Bottled Water


With easy to change high quality filters, a Zip HydroTap will support your sustainability ambitions and remove the need for bottled water in the workplace.
With 580 million litres of bottled water produced every year, much of which ends up in landfill and on our beaches, the need for a better solution is clear.
HydroTap Classic Plus has made it easier to refill bottles, with an easy to use continuous flow to fill bottles for chilled and sparkling water.

ZIP Hydrotaps: About

Enjoy the same industry leading technology from Zip HydroTap


Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave uses our innovative drinking water technology to deliver the same convenience of perfectly boiling, chilled & sparkling filtered water you can expect from a HydroTap.

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Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave uses smart infrared sensors to activate the tap to dispense boiling, chilled and sparkling water, all without touching the tap.

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